Monday, October 8, 2007


About "Getting Programming Done"

In this blog I will connect two fields that I am interested in and that are relevant to my work:
  • Software development, especially from the agile and/or pragmatic point of view
  • Personal productivity, especially David Allen's "Getting Things Done (GTD)"
In connecting what is happening in both fields, I try to
  1. Compare them.
  2. Look for mutual inspiration (both ways).
  3. Develop a personal productivity approach for software developers.
About me
I am a senior software developer (C++, computer vision) turning into a project manager. I try to introduce agile methodologies into the company but we are not implementing a full-blown XP/Scrum or other approach.
I have recently started adapting GTD to coordinate my different work tasks (software development, management) as well as my private life.

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